— Martín Centurión —

Case Study:Partylea

Ifounded this startup back in 2012 after hearing friends and relatives frustrated with the overwhelming process of planning their events, like birthday parties or weddings. Even though the project is now inactive, I'm working on new concepts based on feedback given by past customers.

Discovering services

Given the high diversity of services/products available and because they can be better explained using images, I decided to dynamically showcase photographies of each category in the top section of the homepage.

Now customers can discover vendors that they never imagined could exist!

Ready to book!

The initial business model was based on making multiple requests of custom quotes to all vendors, but still the process was overwhelming, specially for those customers that don't have experience planning events.

Without removing the custom quotes, I implemented a much better idea to plan a party like a pro: ready-to-book packages that were created by the vendors for different case scenarios.


Package details